Why You Should Never Lie on Your Resume [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know the job search landscape can be a difficult and competitive place. Companies are looking to hire the best of the best, and it can often be a daunting time. Many people are left wondering how they can make their resumes stand out against the competition- and a whopping 53.3% of resumes and job applications have been embellished with information that isn’t true.

Resume fraud is becoming a real problem for hiring companies. It estimated that resume fraud is costing employers $600 million a year, so it’s increasingly important for recruiters to perform a full background check on all candidates.

In the infographic below, share with us some shocking figures that illustrate the resume fraud problem.


  • 51% of employers say they would immediately dismiss an employee if they found out they had been lying on their resume. Quite a low number considering!
  • Employers in the financial services are the most likely to catch employees/potential employees out of all industries. IT companies come in a close second.
  • The most frequent resume lie is the embellishment of an employees skill set.
  • 40% of HR managers have increased the amount of time they spend checking references over the past 3 years.

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