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10 LinkedIn Profile Words Recruiters Must Avoid

As experts at reading CVs, resumes, cover letters and of course LinkedIn profiles you’d think recruiters would know what words to use for their own personal brand. Turns out recruiters are human too and overused profile buzzwords is an issue here just like for the rest of us.

American recruiters appear to be very ‘motivated’, their counterparts south of the border ‘proactive’ and in Brazil we find plenty of ‘multinational’ recruitment professionals. Over in Europe we encounter ‘enthusiastic’ recruiters in the British Isles and more ‘proactive’ ones in Germany. Asian recruiters are both ‘motivated’ (India) and ‘specialized’ (Hong Kong).

Apart from avoiding these generic words, here are a few other profile tips for recruiters on LinkedIn:

  1. Choose a profile picture that stands out. Just having a picture makes your profile 14x more likely to be viewed by others. Make sure your headshot is professional, as well as approachable and friendly. More profile photo tips at Top 7 LinkedIn Profile Pictures You Should NEVER Use.
  2. Turn your headline into your mission statement. Think of your headline as your opportunity to share the difference and impact you strive to make as a professional. See more at How To Write Your LinkedIn Headline as a Recruiter [10 Examples].
  3. Use your summary to list your accomplishments and mission as a recruiter. In other words, tell people why they should connect with you and why you’re special. Now consider that age-old question; Should You Write a LinkedIn Summary in First or Third Person?

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.