Your Guide to Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile

What should you include and what should you leave out on your LinkedIn profile? There are some must-haves (name, photo, description) and some big no-no’s (overused buzzwords).

You should make 2015 a brand you year, following the below pointers on what to include in your LinkedIn profile. Last year we covered the most overused buzzwords by recruiters. Remember, sometimes using buzzwords are more of a hinderance than a plus to your LinkedIn profile!


  • Remember that a strong profile photo is essential, as a profile with a photo is 14 times more likely to be viewed than without one! It’s important to consider: What does your profile photo say about you? Does it convey you as friendly and approachable?
  • Avoid generic buzzwords in your summary or throughout your experience. Focus on your achievements to truly personalise your profile!
  • Recommendations are a great addition to your LinkedIn account, acting as a strong reference for all of your profile viewers to see! Ask those kindly providing a recommendation to give specific examples of your accomplishments (such as projects you collaborated on) to further make your profile unique.
  • Be sure to avoid the global top 10 buzzwords – including motivated, passionate, creative and driven! Are you a buzzword hoarder? Don’t rely on a thesaurus to sidestep buzzwords, instead use real-life examples on how you’re a motivated professional.

Be sure to also check Jörgen’s post on the top 10 profile buzzwords among UK recruiters.

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