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5 Things Candidates Really Want from Job Postings

If you belong to the 75 percent of HR managers who are struggling to attract and recruit quality employees, it’s time to start considering what job seekers are looking for.

It’s the season of giving, so give job seekers the job posts they want this year. Creating job postings with the candidate in mind will satisfy their wants while drawing more candidates to your posts — it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Here are five gifts you can give to job seekers via your job posting:

1. Uncomplicated applications:

Searching for a new job is stressful enough without the added frustration of a time-consuming or complicated application process. According to a survey from Jobvite, 51 percent of employed workers are searching for a new job, and don’t have the time to register to the job section of your website and fill out lengthy online forms.

Ditch the forms and any other hoops you are making candidates jump through and simplify your application process. Consider using job boards or search sites that allow job seekers to upload their resumes directly. Ask candidates to send in their resumes as part of the initial application process. If you’re still attached to your forms, only send them to candidates you are interested in after reviewing their resumes.

2. Detailed descriptions:

Job seekers want to apply to positions they feel they have all the details on, and won’t waste their time on job postings that leave them with questions. However, too much detail will overwhelm candidates.

Instead, include the information job seekers are looking for. According to another Jobvite survey, 77.3 percent of job seekers said the job description was the most useful information in a job posting. Include specifics about the job responsibilities and expectations. The element of surprise will turn candidates off, so be as straightforward as possible.

Salary ranges and benefit details were the second and third most important position details, respectively. Although excluding compensation information may seem like a strategic move, doing so could lead the best candidates to ignore your job posting. Adding a compensation range could help boost applications.

Less than 20 percent of job seekers found information about a company’s diversity, community initiatives, and FAQs to be helpful, so leave out these lesser details.

3. Mobile optimization:

Job seekers expect to view and apply for job postings from anywhere, and about 27 percent expect to apply to a job from a mobile device. If your posting is not available or optimized for mobile, you could be alienating a good portion of candidates, especially Millennials.

At the very least, job seekers should be able to view your job posting on their mobile devices. At best, they should able to apply to the position from any device in just a few simple steps:

4. Unique descriptions:

Just like you’re likely to skip an unoriginal resume, job seekers are likely to skip bland job descriptions. What sets the position apart from others? Why should the candidate want to work for your company, and not a competitor?

Break free from the traditional, boring language of job postings and capture job seekers’ attentions. Crafting unique yet informative job descriptions takes time, but attracting top talent is worth it.

5. Simple job titles:

Although creative job descriptions will intrigue job seekers, creative titles will annoy them. No one is searching for “sales superstar,” “technology innovator,” or any other out-of-the box title. If a job seeker does stumble upon your unorthodox title, they will likely be confused and skip over it. Job postings are not BuzzFeed, and click bait won’t work. Stick to tried and true job titles candidates know and will be looking for.

This season, give job seekers the gift of detailed job posts, simple applications, and mobile optimization. Although changing old practices to fit the needs of job seekers may take some time, doing so will help to attract the talent you’re trying to reach.

What feedback have you gotten from job seekers about your posts? What else do they want from recruiters this holiday season?

Author: Robyn Melhuish is the Communications Manager at, a job board which gives members access to the most sought after medical sales jobs and pharmaceutical sales jobs on the Web. 

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