Apart from Angry Birds and tweeting your mates, you can actually use your phone for something useful like finding a job. More and more smartphone users are clocking on to this and mobile devices are tipped to be the first port of call for jobseekers in the not too distant future.

And to prove that the mobile revolution isn’t just another fad, the good folks at Jibe have put together this infographic. Some key takeaways from the study include:

  • 86% of jobseekers who have a smartphone would use it to search for a job
  • 65% of those would search for available positions
  • 55% would receive job alerts
  • 47% would apply to a few jobs
  • 45% would track application status
The biggest benefits and challenges to applying to jobs on mobile are:
  • 65% that you can do it anywhere
  • 46% you can do it straight away
  • 50% career sites aren’t optimized for mobile
  • 53% it’s difficult to keep up with multiple tasks

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people are looking for jobs using their mobile devices

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