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The 10 Stages of the Working Week

Congratulations – it’s Friday – and that means one thing: you’ve made it through another working week (unless you work weekends – sorry).

To celebrate, let’s look back at the stages of the working week:

1) Waking up on Monday:

Your alarm rings loud, you open your eyes, but they’re stuck together, and you try to get yourself out of bed.

Sometimes, if you love your job, you could enjoy waking up on Mondays:

2) Everything is anger:

All you want to do is smash everything up in anger that the week has started again, but you have to get your clothes on and go to work and earn money so you can live for the weekend again.

3) Falling asleep in your meeting:

Who books meetings for first thing on Monday?

Blame them for how tired you are and pretending to be deep in thought with your eyes closed.

4) Drinking all the coffee to get you through Tuesday:

Yes, it may not be Monday, but it’s still not Friday.

You need coffee – and lots of it – to get you through.

5) Making it through to hump day:

You did it.

Well done, you.

You’ve made it through to Wednesday (AKA hump day) and you walk into the office with so much swagger that Justin Bieber would be jealous.

6) Thursday’s the new Friday:

It may be Thursday, but you’re sat at your desk and your friend has sent you a message telling you about that new bar opening a short bus ride away.

It’s only one day to the weekend – make the most of it!

7) Party time on a Thursday:

You hit up that new bar with your friends and make the most of the evening.

Who cares that it’s a school night and you have work tomorrow?

8) Hungover on Friday morning:

No. Bad idea, very bad idea.

Barbara from Accounting isn’t making it any better by asking for your tax information.

9) You’ve got that Friday feeling:

However, your hangover turns into joy – you know it’s Friday and only a few hours til the weekend.

You skip into the office, full of energy and ready to win the day.

10) Leaving the office for the weekend:

That’s it. 5pm – and your day is over.

Time to go home and enjoy your time off (until the cycle begins again *gulp*).

By Laurence Hebberd