6 Alarms That Will Make You a Morning Person

We all dream of becoming one of those mysterious human beings, who can float out of bed with no trouble – with enough time to drink green tea on the patio, do some yoga, and walk the dog. But the reality is pressing the snooze button multiple times, realizing you have 10 minutes before you have to leave for work, and then getting ready in a panicky mess. The zen is nowhere to be seen.

You’re not going to turn into a morning person overnight (pun intended), but there are certain things you can do along the way to help you transform into the zen morning person you’ve always wished you were. An important place to start is with your alarm. It’s what springs you into action and is the first thing you hear when you wake up, so it has to be good! We’ve picked 10 of our favorite alarms that are guaranteed to wake you up in an interesting way. Read on for our top picks!

1) The footprint alarm clock:

This alarm clock is so clever it’s a wonder that it’s not used universally. It works by only turning the alarm off when you place your feet down on the sensor rug. So to turn off the alarm, you actually have to physically get out of bed. Find them here.

2) The fresh coffee alarm:

If you need a strong coffee to wake you up in the morning, this alarm is for you. As well as waking you up in the morning, the clever machine will have a cup of coffee ready for you to enjoy as soon as you’re up.

3) Wake up and smell the roses:

The best way to be woken up is to the smell of fresh croissants and coffee. With this alarm, the scents are released at the same time as you are woken up, so the first thing you sense is your favorite smells. The only problem with this one is that the fresh croissant illusion will fade when you realize it was only a scent and not the real thing. Check out SensorWake here.

4) Eye of the tiger:

To turn this alarm off, you have to perfectly hit the target using a toy gun. Not only does this mean you have to concentrate as soon as you wake up, but your brain will be stimulated so you won’t even want to return to the duvets! Check it out here.

5) The no noise alarm:

If the dreaded sound of the alarm is what you hate most about mornings, then why not invest in the silent alarm? It wakes you up through vibrating waves that come from a wristband! Find it here.

6) The wake-n-bacon:

The best thing about mornings is definitely bacon, so combining it with an alarm just makes total sense. Check it out here.

By Ruby Lowe

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