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10 Alternatives to Coffee to Help You Stay Alert

If you’re anything like me, you know what Monday mornings are like before coffee. Just awful. Recently however, I’ve actually been on a bit of a mission to reduce my coffee intake after realising I was basically a coffee-fuelled alien before 10am. What I have realised is that it IS possible to have a good morning without coffee (unbelievable, I know!) and there are a few things you can do to replace the coffee-shaped-hole that appears when you cut out your morning americano. Here are my list of alternatives to coffee. Some weird, some normal – none including caffeine!

1) Hydrate:

Nothing perks me up quicker than a large glass of water in the morning. It’s actually been proven that drinking a glass of water can make your brain action 14% faster! It’s also a refreshing alternative to coffee, and will get your metabolism working long before you arrive at work.

2) Get on YouTube:

If you need a perk up, get on YouTube and watch some standup comedy. Researchers form the University of Warwick found that if employees watched stand-up comedy videos their productiveness improved by 12%!

3) Eat something nutritious but delicious:

Eating a banana is 100 calories of goodness, which will refresh you and keep you alert. And no caffeine in sight!

4) Have a wander:

If you’re feeling tired or unmotivated, going for a brisk walk can inject some much needed energy into your day. Even if it’s just a short one out of the office to get some fresh air, it can improve your productivity dramatically.

5) Listen to your favourite song:

If i’m ever having a lacklustre moment at work, sticking on my favourite song always gets me pumped and feeling more awake.

6) Be a jumping jack:

I try and avoid this at all costs, mainly so I don’t look like a weirdo in my office, but if you’re not afraid to do some jumping jacks in the middle of your workplace, then why not?! It will get your blood pumping and definitely make you feel more alert.

7) Pull your earlobes:

Bit of a weird one admittedly, but apparently if you pull on your earlobes you’re supposed to feel more alert. I conducted a small experiment, and I can say that this tip doesn’t work for me… but give it a go by all means!

8) Eat some chocolate:

SO this may be a little bit of a cheat, because dark chocolate does actually contain a little caffeine. However, dark chocolate has actually been proven to improve mental alertness. Chocolate also makes the brain release endorphins and Seratonin, which make you feel happy! Finally, an excuse to eat chocolate.

9) Crank up the air con:

There’s nothing worse than a hot and stuffy office. Improve alertness by keeping your office cool. Not too cold though – there’s no point in torturing yourself or your colleagues in order to stay awake!

10) A splash of cold water:

Simple, but highly effective! Wash your face with cold water whenever you’re beginning to feel sleepy. You’re guaranteed to feel more refreshed, straight away.

Have you got any great ideas for alternatives to coffee? Let us know in the comments!

By Ruby Lowe

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.