25 Amazing Things That Happen When You Work Overseas

Globalisation is in full flight. Speaking of flights, when was the last time you booked one? And by ‘one’ I mean ‘one-way’.

Let’s straight up acknowledge that there isn’t one universal pathway for a young person to take into their early career. Some people will focus on academia for longer than others, while many opt for on-the-job training instead. There’s no right or wrong – it’s what works for you.

I know millennials cop a fair amount of flack for job-hopping and wanting the world, only without the work. While there might be elements of truth in there, it’s harsh conjecture really. New technologies and social media have made it easier for global citizens to share information, painting vivid pictures of every corner of the earth. Our eyes have been opened to a world bigger and more exciting than ever, and in some ways, smaller and more attainable than ever. It’s only natural to want to explore.

While working abroad might not be realistic for many people, if you feel like it’s within the realm of possibility, why not give it a go? Here’s 25 amazing things that can (and most likely will) happen to you when you move overseas for work! (But be warned: even if it’s only temporary, the travel bug you catch can stay with you for life).

In no particular order…

1. You become more independent

It’s amazing how self-sufficient you become when you only have yourself to lean on.

2. You learn patience and tolerance

New customs and social norms render you able to accept and appreciate human difference.

3. You make life-long friends

… and they become your family.

4. You get a reality shock

Seeing how other people live compared to you can burst your bubble in a great way.

5. You are  thrust out of your comfort zone

Unfamiliar surroundings will coax new strengths out of you.

6. You swim because you don’t want to sink

Moving overseas is a huge investment. Naturally you’re going to do everything to make it a success… that’s when great things happen.

7. You grow your professional network

You make yourself known in important circles and new doors open.

8. You make yourself a better asset to companies

Understanding international markets is a huge value in business.

9. You can become bi-lingual

There’s no better and easier way to learn a new language than actually living in the country and practicing.

10. You edge out your competition

You elevate yourself above candidates who have the same qualifications and experience.

11. You become humbled

Feeling singled out in a new place can make you take a deep breath and get a fresh perspective.

12. You (might) meet the love of your life

Not career-related, but happens!

13. You feel free and can reinvent yourself

Being in an office full of people you’ve never met means you can bring your best self forward.

14. You can get some career clarity

You will learn more about what you want to accomplish in your career.

15. You experience new things

This one goes without saying, but working in a new country means you get to be a tourist outside of work hours!

16. You learn to appreciate what you have at home

It’s a great opportunity to reflect on your life back at home.

17. You miss your loved ones

This isn’t a positive in itself, because no one likes to miss people! But it does mean you cherish every second you have with them more than you ever have.

18. You pick up new fashion tips

Shopping in foreign stores will give your style a new edge!

19. You grow as a person

Your experiences and travel will make you feel richer and fulfilled!

20. You increase your cooking repertoire

New cuisines will creep into your cooking book.

21. Your Cv looks great

Adding international experience to your CV is really impressive to ambitious employers.

22. You inspire others

Colleagues, friends and family will likely follow in your footsteps, meaning you can open up doors for them too!

23. Family and friends come visit

Showing loved ones around your new home is really fun.

24. You educate people about your country

While you absorb new cultures, you can also teach elements of your nationality to the people you meet!

25. You catch the travel bug – the best sickness in the world!

The travel bug is often a lifelong condition, and one that, if treated properly with regular worldly trips, will make you happier and more confident than ever.

Happy travels!

By Phoebe Spinks

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.