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5 Ways to Get Your Employees’ Attention

Are your employees rolling their eyes every time you demand something from them? Are they sick and tired of their duties? Do you feel like your company is not productive enough because of your employees? Then maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Have you ever thought of finding a way to engage them? Today’s business environment can only thrive if people work at their best potential.

Unfortunately, very few managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs pay attention to the needs and wants of their staff – how can you expect results if you’re not committed enough to providing a pleasant work space for your employees? The secret to a successful enterprise is engagement, and that can only be achieved if you’re ready to make a change.

1. Be a useful leader:

Most business owners don’t like to get involved and they’d rather stick to giving orders. Is that such a good idea?

Do you think that just because employees fear you they will give it their best? Think again because in today’s modern environment, people who are not pleased with their jobs will leave. Successful leaders must be willing to swallow their pride and work hand in hand with their staff to boost productivity and lead their companies to the top of the pyramid. One of the best ways of getting your workers’ attention is to become an equal participant. Here’s what you can do to drive engagement:

  • Organize periodic group meetings.
  • Welcome the ideas of your staff.
  • Encourage them to speak up their mind.
  • Set up weekly brainstorming sessions.
  • Provide constructive criticism.
  • Admit if you’re being wrong (that proves you’re humane just like the rest of them).

2. Add excitement at the workplace:

A devoted business owner should always be ready to switch things up every once in a while. Working non-stop from 9 to 5 and engaging in the same routine every single day will eventually affect the creativity of your people; and let’s be honest: you need that creativity to make your company famous. Every devoted boss should add some excitement at the workplace.

Ask your employees to go home in the middle of their schedule, take them to lunch, or go bowling. Think of a smart idea and you’ll definitely manage to grab attention. You might be the world’s toughest boss but it’s nice for employees to know that you do have a softer side too.

3. Redecorate the workspace:

One of the best ways for a company to grab the attention of their employees is to completely redecorate their workspaces. New desks, ergonomic chairs, a relaxation room, and maybe a splash of colours will certainly appeal to the senses of your people. Include a sofa, a lunch corner, provide coffee, and make the office space more vibrant and welcoming.

As human beings, we are greatly influenced by what we see and feel. A dull work environment can’t motivate, yet a beautiful desk with nice furniture and a pleasant ambiance can really awake our creative spirit.

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4. Organize competitions and award the best:

Another way of boosting productivity and keeping employees engaged is to organize daily competitions. It’s amazing how fast can people work when they’re bosses are willing to award their efforts. CEOs should constantly think of smart ways to make their teams stay united and thus help their companies thrive.

Lack of motivation will never lead to success – in every business domain the employees will want to make a name of themselves and strive to attain greatness. For that to happen, you must foster creativity and support their ideas.

5. Support communication:

The key to attaining success depends on communication. Major corporations are no longer creating individual offices for workers and they’d rather build joint workspaces to foster communication and bear creativity. Studies have shown that working in groups can be a lot more productive than working alone. Ergo, it’s best to sustain communication if you want results. Implement the following steps and you’ll reap great benefits:

  • Conflicts must be handled with diplomacy – at some point, conflicts will emerge. Try not to start screaming at your employees and be a diplomat. Point out the mistake and together find a reasonable solution.
  • Cultural differences must be respected – hiring people from all over the world is not uncommon anymore. Don’t discriminate your employees, and treat everyone equally.
  • Good feedback is always welcomed
  • Trust your employees

Getting your employees’ attention is something attainable without using a demanding attitude. As a manager, CEO, co-founder, or supervisor, it’s your job to make their lives at the workplace fulfilling. Shaking things up, grabbing their attention, fostering creativity, and giving them a reason to work for your company will keep them engaged.

In the long run, employee engagement will greatly boost productivity.

Author: William Taylor regularly contributes articles to for Employee Engagement and Staff Survey Experts.

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