10 Ways to Reach Your Goals with the Power of Perspective

Sometimes quick fixes can lead to long-term failure, whilst short-term failures can build long-term success. Your failures and successes are often due to your personal mindset. By changing your perspective, you can begin to understand situations better and start to transform your life.

There are hundreds of stories on business-focused people that have gained achievement through humble beginnings. On the other hand, there are many stories on quick success turning sour (think lottery wins). Why? Because you simply learn more from failure than you do from success. If you learn from your failures, you begin to have a solid foundation to build prosperity. Failure builds character, while comfort is the enemy of victory.

Shifting your perspective to fix your problems is often easier said than done. To begin adapting to a different mindset you need to identify things that are holding you back from achieving your dreams, and how you can ultimately change them. Here are ten ways you can adopt a better perspective on life:

1) Stop expecting the worst of people:

If you’re one to expect the worst in people, you need to stop. For example: the old friend who blanked you in the shop might have not been paying any attention, or the stranger who cut you off on the road may be in an emergency. It is impossible to know

what people are going through, and where their perspective is at. When you stop thinking the world is out to get you, you will begin to notice a much happier self.

2) Stop dreading Monday mornings:

Sundays are always a drag because you know Monday morning is around the corner. But why is Monday so awful? After all, it is a fresh start and you have fresh eyes for the week ahead. Waking up and dreading the day beforehand will only leave you in a foul mood. Wipe those negative thoughts and you will feel lighter.

3) Learn to live in the moment:

Does your mind wander? Do you focus on anything and everything apart from the current situation? Do you spend your working days thinking about the upcoming weekend, your ex, or talking to your friends? Time flies when you’re not living in the moment. Stop allowing your mind to wander and focus on your current work.

4) Celebrate the little things:

Life becomes a breeze when we begin to celebrate the little victories. Did you finish a project which took forever? Gave advice to a friend? Raised money for charity? Before you dive into the next thing, take a moment to have a little celebration with the people you love or the ones which helped you complete the victory.

5) Make an effort to understand:

To change your perspective is difficult and not as easily done as it was when we were young. As we grow and learn, we become aware that our own perspective doesn’t match the perspective of others. You should make an effort to understand the perspective of others. Once you understand, then you will be understood. Ask questions respectfully and resist the urge of the debate.

6) An ‘all or nothing’ attitude confines:

An ‘all or nothing’ attitude confines us from realizing our potential. It is easier to visualize this by thinking of crazy strict diets. When you’re on a strict diet or daily routine, you feel deprived of living your life. Whereas if you binge-eat, or live freely, you feel guilty. These specific ideals we have developed have caused us to judge people.

For example: “that girl spends far too much time going out and getting drunk, she clearly has no morals”. Judging people is worse than a negative attitude. When we start to see how beautiful people’s differences are, life becomes beautiful and easier.

7) Learn to let stuff go:

Stuff happens to everybody and everyone you meet is fighting their own personal battles. The worst thing you can do is not let it go. By not letting go of the past, our lives become increasingly more difficult. Some things are not in our control, don’t let that consume you from achieving your life goals.

8) Fight for the things worth fighting for:

You will never solve a controversy by posting your argument on social media. You will only cause future regret and hatred. Some debates just need to be ended offline. Put the time into fighting for the things worth fighting for. Stop putting your time into commenting on mindless debates online.

9) Will it matter in five years time:

When you find yourself feeling anxious about current events, ask yourself ‘will it matter in five years’ time?’. Of course, some things matter in life – such as exams, interviews, and proposing for marriage – but the majority of things that we worry about are trivial and unnecessary. Perhaps you made a stupid mistake at work? Or maybe you made a fool of yourself over dinner? Don’t stress. It will be forgotten in a year, if not a week.

10) Channel your inner-child:

Sometimes when you’re struggling with perspective it helps to channel your inner-child and question all of your intentions. Are you working a job that you hate? Ask yourself why. Perhaps it’s because of the money? But is that money really worth you feeling like this? It can be uncomfortable to question yourself, but it helps you to pursue the goals which really matter to you. So, be honest and be open to the possibility of change.

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