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7 Habits That Will Kill Your Goals

So, how are your goals progressing? Like most of us, probably – some are going well, and others just don’t seem to have got airborne!

Sound familiar?

Also, if we are totally honest with ourselves, what has got in the way most of all is – ourselves! And, if we want to have a real moment of self honesty – wasn’t last year and the year before somewhat similar?

I know I like to blame the environment, the economic crisis, the weather, the “been too busy” for why all my goals are not being achieved. But, when I really and truthfully analyse it – in the main the issue comes down to me.

Achieving new and challenging goals includes breaking old habits that I have developed and nurtured over years. I did not intentionally nurture and develop them,  they just happened.

But now, they are a part of who I am and how I behave – and breaking old habits and shaping new ones is not easy.

You see old habits are our default modus operandi – we like them, they feel comfortable and are easy to live with!

Those bad habits – in your personal and professional life – are deeply ingrained and are not going to go away just because you want them to. It will take discipline and perseverance.

Whether you are a leader, a manager, senior executive, or stay at home Mom or Dad, it makes no difference – bad habits will always get in the way of achieving your goals and resolutions.

Procrastination will always encourage us to fall into old habits – the easy things, the comfortable things, the things I don’t have to think too hard about!

And, procrastination is the thief of our dreams and our goals! Please – do not allow it to steal your life!

You will know your own bad habits, but the following is a list that resonates with me – and many of my clients!

So, take on board these 7 habits you must eliminate – there are others but just get on top of these for the moment!

1) Making excuses

Just stop, and get on with it!

2) Multi-tasking

This (that is multi tasking!) has been lauded as something wonderful by others, but it is to be avoided at all costs. It just distracts you and you get nothing done as well as you can.

3) Unclean desk

If your desk is messy, you are inefficient, so stop justifying it under the guise of “I know where everything is” It’s all a mess!

4) No exercising

When you get busy, this is one of the first things to go, but this is the same as No 1, it’s an excuse. Exercise helps you to get more done, not less!

5) Checking email

An absolute killer! Schedule two occasions in the day to check your email, no more. Otherwise you are a slave to everyone else’s agenda!

6) Being dictated by your smartphone

It is a tool to make you more efficient, not the other way around! Don’t jump every time it beeps, rings or vibrates!

7) Stop complaining

If you are not happy about a situation, then do something about it! Stop whining about it – it sounds pathetic!

What would be in your magnificent 7 bad habits? Share them with us. You see we can all learn form one another!

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By John Murphy

John Murphy is founder of JohnMurphyInternational, a specialist online coaching business. John specializes in advising and mentoring entrepreneurs and senior executives on how to build their business and be effective as a leader and manager.

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