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What NOT to Do in a Job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Going to a job interview is probably one of life’s greatest ordeals, where you have less than an hour to sell yourself and get the job that may well change your life.

Being under pressure can change the way we behave, think, speak. Don’t despair, recruiters are used to see people feeling stressed out and it is not dramatic as long as dealing with pressure is not at the nexus of the job you’re applying for.

As you can imagine, a lot of weird stories have happened in the recruiter’s office and the infographic below, courtesy of Talener, presents some tips, horror stories as well as trends from hiring managers.


  • Don’t bring your parents to the interview. Yes, some people really do!
  • Remember that the 1st impression is key.
  • Pay a close attention to the way you write your thank you note. Keep it professional and short.

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By Alex Bourgeois

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