Top 10 Things to Bring to a Job Interview

So you’ve got the interview. You’ve got through the CV stage and you’re ready to go meet your possible future employer.

You’ve decided what you’re going to wear, the questions you’re going to ask – but what should you take with you on the day?

JobCluster has the answer with their infographic below – take a look!


  • Always remember to take a pen. Why? You might need to write something down!
  • Keep a snack or some food on your person, just incase you’re delayed and get hungry!
  • Make sure you take all the important documents with you – a copy of your CV etc…
  • It will probably be stuck to your side, but don’t forget your phone – you can let the interviewer know if you’re running late!
  • Carefully write down the details of the interview – the name of the person you’re meeting, location etc.

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