What a Totally Honest First Day at Work Might Sound Like

Bagging yourself a new job can bring on a mix of emotions, from excitement and nerves, to downright terror.

You never know quite what to expect from your first day and chances are you will have thoughts running through your head at a hundred miles per hour. What are your new colleagues going to be like? What will you be asked to do? Where will you spend your lunch break?

But imagine what would happen if you actually said everything that pops into your mind out loud? It could get pretty awkward right?

Buzzfeed have created a great video demonstrating just what it might sounds like if you spoke your every thought on your first day at a new job. Now honesty is usually the best policy, but there are a few things that are probably best kept to yourself.

Top takeaways:

  • Don’t reveal bad habits: It’s probably best to keep your bad work tendencies quiet for the time being. If time management is something you have an issue with, try to at least start off on a good foot. If it really is a problem of yours, they’re bound to find out of their own accord eventually anyway!
  • Don’t be a gossip: It’s understandable that you want to get to know everyone and the office dynamics, but chances are that your new colleagues won’t appreciate you delving into their private business uninvited. By becoming a gossip queen, it’s like that it will in fact be you who gains the title of “office b****”.
  • Keep your bowel movements to yourself:  Nobody wants to know that, no matter how long they’ve know you.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover: Try to not make quick judgements about people’s character based on your initial meeting. If you really must, I recommend you don’t say it to their face.
  • Don’t isolate yourself from the rest of your team: If you’re invited out for lunch, use the opportunity to get to know people. Eating in your car can appear slightly tragic and you don’t really want it to become a daily habit.
  • Office romances are risky: Day one is not the time to launch into one. At least wait for the office Christmas party.
  • Cut down on school night drinking: Rolling into work late and hungover on your second day in the job is generally frowned upon.

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Main Image Credit: Shutterstock