Can Meditation Help Your Career?

There are times when your career can become stressful, whether it’s because you’ve got deadlines looming, you’re trying to go the extra mile to impress your boss or perhaps you’re even on the job hunt. Whatever the cause is, it’s important for your general wellbeing not to become swamped by work concerns and allowing yourself a break and taking a positive outlook can make a world of difference for your work performance.

Although this is easier said than done, there are things you can do to relieve the stress brought on by your career. A lot of professionals swear by meditation and it has proven to help with concentration, creativity and stress reduction.

Crystal Heart Psychics have identified all the career benefits that meditation can have. Why not give it a go?


  • Meditation can help to reduce anxiety, making you feel more relaxed and able to tackle difficult tasks.
  • It can help you to make better decisions, as it makes you think about things more rationally, separating the past from the future.
  • It can enhance your creativity, as meditation is proven to improve connectivity between the two halves of the brain – the right controlling creativity and the left analytical.
  • Meditation can boost your concentration, by allowing you to block out distractions and become more focused.
  • It can also reduce stress levels, meaning you can feel more level-headed.

How you can use meditation to improve your work life

  • Set aside a couple of minutes a day for meditation, to allow yourself to slow down and relax.
  • Focus on your breathing. Controlled breathing can improve alertness.
  • When you’re feeling rundown, give yourself a break and remind yourself why it is that you do what you do to regain motivation.

How can meditation help a business?

  • It can improve communication, as it helps employees to clear their mind, creating a better atmosphere and communication between staff.
  • Meditation can improve the general wellbeing of employees by reducing stress and in turn can reduce absenteeism.
  • It can boost the productivity or staff by improving concentration and allowing them to think clearly about their professional goals.

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By Sophie Deering