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8 Tips for Improving Employee Wellbeing

One of the number one factors that effects employees’ productivity in the workplace is their wellbeing. If employees are not taking care of themselves, and managers are not taking care of their employees, productivity has proven to decline. Workplace wellbeing can be affected by all aspects of working life – including working environment and even the workplace culture. So what measures can you take to make sure your employees are looking after their wellbeing? I’ve listed my top 10 ways below:

1) Exercise:

Exercise is very important for many aspects of life, including work! As well as getting the blood pumping and getting people energised, it’s also proven to keep employees more focused during the working day. Why not supply employees with a membership to a local gym or invest in some gym equipment?

2) Lunch breaks:

Giving employees a proper lunch break is a very important way to improve wellbeing. It improves concentration for the rest of the day, improves their attention span and has been proven to increase creativity.

3) Relax with colleagues:

Improving relationships between employees can really boost office morale. Why not set up office socials or finish early on a Friday to relax with some beers? Getting to know employees will improve wellbeing in the workplace hugely.

4) Water water water:

Provide water for your employees. Staying hydrated is not only important for health reason but it also is fantastic for keeping  employees working to their full potential.

5) Training courses:

Providing opportunities for growth is a huge aspect of creating a great atmosphere in the workplace. Why not set up workshops, training sessions or even mini afternoon sessions for your employees. Not only will they appreciate it but you’ll also have a more thriving and motivated team.

6) Provide good chairs:

This may seem like a bit of an obvious point, but it’s important to provide the right chairs in your office. Using the wrong chair can not inly be annoying and uncomfortable, but it can also create long-term damage if used for a  prolonged amount of time.

7) Communicate:

There’s nothing worse than a manager who never talks to you face-to-face and only communicates with you via email. Make sure you take time to engage with your employees in real-life, rather than just relying on email or messaging apps.

8) Holidays:

Taking holidays is an important part of employee wellbeing. Always be generous with holiday allowance to ensure your employees take a proper break from work. Why not take a leaf from Branson’s book and allow employees as much holiday leave as they want? It could work wonders for your employees wellbeing!

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