This hilarious video from Buzzfeed doesn’t take itself too seriously, however it does highlight some genuine matters to keep in mind when going for a job interview. Although honesty is usually the best policy, there are some things that you should probably keep to yourself.

In the clip below you see how a number of interviews may play out if both parties were to express their most honest thoughts, as the usual interview etiquette is applied. It does pinpoint some important factors in a job interview however and a few lessons can perhaps be learnt about how not to respond in an interview.


  • It is widely perceived that factors such as race, gender, age and looks will effect your chance of being hired. A new equality act came into force in 2010, that protects individuals from discrimination in the workplace and promotes equal opportunities and pay, regardless of someone’s background. However, findings in 2014 suggest that Female bosses are still earning only three-quarters as much as their male colleagues.
  • Be honest and unique when writing your CV; your interviewer will see straight through any lies and templates pulled from the internet can be spotted a mile off. However, if you’ve already got to the interview stage, the way that you conduct yourself in the interview is much more important than what’s written on your CV or cover letter.
  • Show genuine interest in what the job entails and come prepared with interesting questions to ask your interviewer. Lack or preparation will indicate laziness or that you are not actually that serious about the job.
  • Be self-assured and know what you want to achieve in your career. Speak positively about yourself and emphasise your best qualities and skills, if you believe it, hopefully your interviewer will too.
  • These points also stand for the interviewer too, in order to hire top talent and genuine interest must be shown in the interviewee and in promoting the job and your organisation for the best chance of hiring the best candidate.

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