7 Ways to Improve Mornings for Non-Morning People

If you’re anything like me, waking up in the morning can be a real struggle. I’ve tried everything I can to try and turn myself into a morning person, and nothing has ever worked. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be like one of the mythical humans who floats out of bed easily with a smile on their face (how do they do it?!).

With this realisation, I’ve found some ways to make mornings slightly better for those of us that dread the sound of our alarm. I’m never going to be a morning person, so I’ve decided to embrace the moody mornings and double espressos with open arms. Here are some ways I’ve learnt to deal with NOT being a morning person:

1) Set yourself ONE alarm:

If you think you need to set yourself multiple alarms like below, get rid of them. Set yourself one alarm and you’ll subconsciously wake up more easily – there’s no time for snoozing with only one alarm!

2) Go to bed early:

This may seem like an obvious one, but if you know that going to bed at 12am means your morning is going to be a pain, then go to bed earlier. Don’t sabotage your morning by going to bed too late.

Obviously you’re not going to be able to go to bed early every night, but if you can, you should. I’ve learnt that YouTube is my nemesis – how am I supposed to go to sleep when there are so many cute dog videos on the internet?!

3) Down a glass of water the moment you wake up:

The first thing I make sure I do when I wake up is drink a whole lot of water. It not only shakes me out of my tiredness, but it also leaves me feeling refreshed and energised. Try it!

4) Organisation is KEY:

Make sure you organise everything you can the night before. I always make sure my bag is packed, I plan my outfit, and I often have my lunch prepared the night before too. This means there’s actually less to do in the morning, making it a slightly less stressful and rushed time.

5) Download the ‘Sleep Cycle’ app:

I recently decided to download the sleep cycle app to give it a go, as I’ve heard lots about it. It basically tracks your movements as you sleep, and from this it can work out whether you’re in a deep sleep or a lighter one  – and it wakes you whilst you’re in the lighter sleep, so it’s easier to get up. I’ve used the app once and it worked(-ish), but I’m going to continue using it to see if it really does make a difference.

6) Find out what works for you, and stick to it:

Over the years I’ve managed to fine-tune my mornings so there’s minimal effort involved. I’ve figured out a routine that works for me, and I’ve stuck to it. This helps my mornings, dramatically.

7) Plan an exciting breakfast:

Something that definitely gets me up in the morning is knowing I’ve got something super exciting to eat for breakfast. Whether it’s a boiled egg, my favourite cereal or some porridge, having a pre-prepared breakfast helps me hop out of bed quickly.

By Ruby Lowe

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