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How to Attract Candidates with Content Marketing

Most career sites cater to the low-hanging fruit: candidates who were going to apply already. They hope branded searches, job boards and ads are enough to draw in plenty of candidates and engage them, but we know they won’t. Our friends from have looked at more ways to connect with candidates in this handy infographic.

Looking at a candidate’s journey from start to finish, there are four distinct phases:

  1. Awareness, all about gaining attention from people who don’t know you
  2. Interest, where you offer something that encourages them to learn more about you
  3. Consideration, when you overcome the candidate’s objections and compel prospective hires to engage with you
  4. Act, when you make it easy for the person to take action

In order to get the best hires, not just ‘some hires’ an employer needs to look at points of interaction throughout the four phases. Think of it as a sales funnel where to build awareness through publishing subject matter content, sharing useful content on social media and having your mangers producing opinion pieces. To stimulate interest when someone takes a deeper look, you have to both have content about and by employees (think a day in the life of…) and you need to keep it visual with images and video.

When moving in to the consideration phase it’s about giving the candidate enough content to make an informed decision. Finally when it’s time to act, we want the candidate not only to apply or at least get in touch, we want them to tell their friends about this opportunity and company.

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By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.