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Are Recruiters Tracking You on Social Media?

Today, recruiters are taking to social media profiles to check out their candidates potential before offering them the job. For those fresh out of university or just those who have just not been keeping track of their activity, cleaning up your social profiles is a definitely a priority. If you want to make a good impression upon your potential future employer, then you must check your pages thoroughly as social recruitment appears to be on the rise. According to a study by Jobvite, 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media and 93% of hiring managers will review social profiles before offering a job.

This infographic by shows us just how recruiters and hiring mangers are going through our social media profiles:


  • 79% of recruiters look at LinkedIn and 26% look at Facebook.
  • On LinkedIn, 95% of recruiters search for candidates and 93% keep tabs on potential candidates.
  • On Facebook, 59% of recruiters showcase employer brand and 32% vet candidates pre-interview.
  • On Twitter, 92% of recruiter bet candidates post-interview.
  • 55% of hiring managers have reconsidered a candidate based on what they found on their social media accounts. 66% of hiring managers said they will hold poor grammar and spelling against candidates.
  • 48% of applicants come under the category of ‘very active’ on social media, as 70% of recruiters plan to increase their investment in social recruitment.
  • Social recruiting has provided a 33% decrease in time to hire and a 49% increase in candidate quality. 42% increase in applicants on job boards and a 14% increase in hires.

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