10 Ways to Get the Attention of Your Office Crush

Has someone you work with taken your fancy, but you don’t know how to get them to notice you? Here are some tips for catching their attention and potentially winning them over! Just keep it in mind that you’re going to have to see them every day regardless of the outcome, so you might want to tread carefully!

1) Dress to impress:

You’re sure to capture your crush’s crush if you’re looking your best at work, so take pride in your appearance, dress well (within office regulations, of course), and keep yourself well-groomed. At the very least, you can brush your hair in the morning and wear clean, tidy clothes.

2) Ask them for their advice or help with work:

Asking someone for their advice can be extremely flattering, as it lets them know you value their opinion. It is best not to over-share about personal aspects of your life, though, if you don’t know them that well. They don’t want to hear about your weird medical condition or irrational fear of dolls. Trust me.

3) Acknowledge their achievements:

If they’ve done an excellent job of something, let them know. It will give them a confidence boost, and they’ll appreciate you for noticing the effort they have put in. Just don’t go OTT about it, ok?

4) Make them a cup of tea:

The tea-round seems to be a fundamental aspect of office culture, yet it is regarded with such dread upon realising that it’s your turn. For this reason, your crush will be eternally grateful if you offer to take their round of hands or even make a sneaky cuppa just for them.

5) Water cooler flirtation

You just happened to bump into them at the water cooler for the fifth time that day—what a coincidence! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of innocent flirtation; just keep it subtle.

6) Make them laugh:

A sense of humor is a beautiful quality, and laughter could be the way to your office crush’s heart. Get a feel for his sense of humor; for example, if he likes funny stories, tell him yours; just remember not to overshare and avoid being crude, as you are at work, after all!

7) Suggest after-work drinks:

Organizing an outing to the pub after work with colleagues is a great way to spend some extra time with your crush without appearing too forward. Just take it easy on the booze to avoid any embarrassing situations or love confessions!

8) Buy them their favorite treat:

Whether your crush loves to crunch down on a tube of Pringles or indulge in a packet of biscuits at their desk, treating them to their fave snack is sure to get their attention. Even if it backfires, at least you can make yourself feel better with yummy food.

9) Ask if they want to grab lunch together:

Why not make good use of your lunch hour and suggest you grab something to eat together? I’m not suggesting you wine and dine them, but grabbing a quick sandwich in Costa together can’t hurt.

10) Leave them funny messages on post-it notes:

This is a slightly less subtle approach and may want to be left for when you actually know the person well. Lengthy letters to a colleague you’ve only spoken to a handful of times could put you at risk of entering stalker territory, and that’s not exactly going to get you off on the right foot.