How Do You Create a Positive Company Culture?

This week, we asked you how you create a positive company culture. You got back to us saying that simply respecting your employees is an excellent way of building company culture.

A relaxed work atmosphere will also make employees feel comfortable. Communication and goals keep a team focused and build a sense of belonging. Recognizing employee needs and achievements is vital; you should reward every milestone. Sometimes, a simple ‘well done’ is an excellent way of making employees feel valued.

Keeping your workplace a fun environment will make employees feel like they’re not working. Be mindful of how you project yourself (consciously try to convey positivity), and remember to treat everyone how you would like to be treated.

Also, ice cream always helps.

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Mary Waley said getting employees involved in the business at all levels and keeping them involved makes their opinions feel valued.

Mary Waley  Marketing Assistant at mindSCOPE Staffing Software

Respect your employees, promote employee camaraderie with group lunches and events, and last but not least, get your employees involved in the business at all levels, keep them informed and make them feel their opinions matter.

Ginny Towler, Esq. Government Affairs Liaison at self

Free food, flexible hours, and a relaxed atmosphere in which to work. Don’t make your place of work a place to work. Make it a place to spend time with cool people. You’ll have to change your metrics of what “work product” is, but the more you make strict rules of conformity, you will lose the support of your workforce and turn your workplace into a place people dread going. I just saw this morning that 80% of Americans are not happy where they work. Sad.

Jörgen Sundberg
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Ice cream

Kurt Cross Recruiter at Partner Personnel

I agree with both of these comments. I am interested in seeing other comments, please!

Santosh Rao provides a thoughtful comment, saying it’s essentual that employees have the opportunity to grow.

Santosh Rao Managing Partner at Persistent IT Solutions LLC

By allowing your employees the freedom to explore new horizons, do not boss around, by trusting them, by making them believe that their existence is important to the organization, By giving them the respect they deserve by simple gestures, By giving them the opportunity grow at the right time with the right attributes not just with a title which has no meaning …….. apart from this to create and maintain a positive environment its important to take harsh decisions on individuals who are more often called as “Jerks”, by keeping them away from the organization one can make significant change to bring up the positivity in the company because you don’t need Jerks to run an organization but people who believe in their goals and are ambitious enough for applying their passion in work which eventually benefits the organizations growth

Bonnie Rauwerdink reminds us of the importance of being polite at work.

Bonnie Rauwerdink Customer Service

How about a good old fashioned, Thank You.

Jessica Xie says that communication and goals will ensure everyone has the same objectives, a reminder that employees are on the same team.

Jessica Xie  Graphic Designer
You can create a positive company culture by empowering all members of the team to be leaders; creating a cross functional and open work environment; and promoting accountability. Overall, maintaining constant communication and setting clear goals will ensure everyone is on the same page and serve as a reminder that they’re all on the same team.

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a positive attitude is a good start.

Laurence Hebberd Senior Account Manager & King of Content @LinkHumans

By treating everyone how you would want to be treated.

Catherine Gamble Loves helping recruitment professionals find career enhancing jobs. Recruitment to recruitment specialist.

By recognising we all mess up sometimes…. it’s human and not making someone feel dreadful when/if they do.

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On Twitter, communication was also mentioned as an effective method of building company culture:

To conclude, being honest, friendly and respectful is the best way of building a positive company culture. Communication is vital to making employees feel valued. Above all, having a positive attitude is an essential characteristic of any worker at any level!