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How Candidates Really Sound in Job Interviews

So here you are at your job interview and feeling hopeful that you are going to make a great first impression.

You have planned your answers accordingly and you are feeling confident. You have established what your skills are and how you would like to come across in person. What if what you say, is not what your interviewer hears? What if you say one thing and it means another? Often in interviews, generic answers do not go down well. You want to show you are passionate, but also that you are something they have not seen before and that you really mean what you say.

This video by Fastcompany shows how what you say is not always what the interviewer hears and also highlights common mistakes that people make:


  • I didn’t bring a copy of my resume with me = I actually care very little about this job.
  • Sorry I’m late due to traffic = I just don’t care about your time.
  • My previous job didn’t know how to take advantage of my skills = I have no skills.
  • I want to invent the next Uber = Im going to use your office to start my own company and steal your employees.
  • What is your vacation policy like? = I can’t wait to not be at my new job.
  • My biggest flaw is that i am a perfectionist = My biggest flaw is that i am a liar.
  • I really want this job = I am the most desperate person you have ever met.
  • I am a team player and a people person = All I have to offer you are clichés.

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By Casey Fleischmann