2015: A Year in Job Search

There are lots of factors that can prompt people to start looking for a new job and although a lot of the time it is for personal reasons, public events and political movements can also have an impact on job search trends.

Over the last year, Indeed have observed peaks and troughs in the number of job seekers actively looking for a new role and how certain events had an influence on these figures.

They’ve put together this infographic looking at how job seekers reacted to big games, politics, film releases and more throughout 2015. It comes as no surprise that job applications for MI6 were flying in after the latest Bond film was released, but what other significant events of the year had an impact?

The Superbowl – Feb

  • Don’t underestimate the power of the advertising during the Superbowl! In recent years the ads have become just as much an event as the actual game and companies will pay big bucks to get featured.
  • This year companies such as Fiat, Esurance and Nationwide saw a 26% jump in job search on Indeed after their ads were shown during the Superbowl.

The Greek Referendum – June

  • A referendum on Greece’s future as a member in the Eurozone led to job seekers in Greece looking for opportunities outside of the country.

Trump Presidential Debate – Aug

  • Donald Trump running for President of the U.S. has had a significant impact on job search.
  • Job searches for Trump-branded companies saw a jump after he initially announced his presidential candidacy, after his first debate and after his second debate.

Dieselgate -Sept

  • Scandal broke out surrounding Volkswagen’s diesel emission standards.
  • This drove down job search for the automotive company, however this drop was short lived.

New Zealand Win the Rugby World Cup – Oct

  • Ruby fans in New Zealand got a bit distracted from their job search during the Ruby World Cup.
  • The average job search in New Zealand plummeted by as much as 44% around New Zealand beat their rival Australia in the final.

The Release of Bond – Oct

  • The release of the latest Bond film provided job seekers with a bit of inspiration about a potential new career move.
  • Job searches for MI6 rose remarkably when the film came out.

Canada Oil Prices – Oct

  • People were hesitant to apply for energy-related jobs in Canada after the country’s energy focused economy was hit by lower oil prices.


[Top Image Credit: Shutterstock]