10 Inevitable Moments at Every Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party – finally an opportunity to let your hair down and put all the usual stresses of the workplace on hold for an evening. The annual event that just wouldn’t be the same without inappropriate antics and colleagues embarrassing themselves!

Though it’s meant to be a time for you to have some fun with your colleagues and celebrate your successes from the last year, remember that you do have to work with these people still after the night is over, so stripping off after a few too many drinks or telling someone EXACTLY what you think about them probably isn’t the wisest idea!

Though we all know this deep down, judgement often goes out the window when alcohol is flowing and spirits are high, so there are a few inevitable moments that will always occur at the office Christmas party! Here are a few of them that may ring some bells…

1) The first half hour will be highly uncomfortable

Nobody wants to be the first one to arrive at a party. You think you’ve timed it perfectly so that you turn up fashionably late, but somehow you are STILL early and begin to regret not having a drink before you left the house.

2) You’ll be forced to make awkward small talk with a colleague you don’t know

Considering there are only 3 of you in the room, you are faced with little choice over who to talk to, so I guess that guy from IT who you spoke to once 2 years ago will have to do. What’s his name again?

3) Someone will turn up in a novelty Christmas jumper

Unless you’re Mark Darcy, this isn’t often the best look.

4) Everyone will flock to the free bar

It’ll only be a matter of time before someone suggests doing shots. Approach with caution.

5) Someone will abuse it and have to be put in a taxi home

There’s always one person who can’t handle their drink and becomes incapable of walking by 10pm.

6) The ‘quiet one’ will throw some serious shapes on the dance floor

With alcohol comes lowered inhibitions. The shy and innocent girl will go from Hannah Montana to Miley Cyrus circa her Wrecking Ball era in the matter on minutes.

7) Someone will make a move on their office crush

After a year of checking them out across the office, they decide that tonight’s the night. Meanwhile someone else will develop an entirely new office crush as beer goggles take affect and suddenly a completely unexpected individual becomes more appealing.

8) People will become far too honest

Things will get heated and someone will get carried away with their comments about other staff. Dangerous territory!

9) Beware of the sober one

Who cares what you got up to, everyone was too drunk to remember come Monday right? WRONG! There will usually be one person who chooses not to drink and will therefore be aware of and remember all of the antics from the night.

10) Monday morning shame

Come Monday morning everyone in the office will be gossiping about the night’s events! By this point the incriminating photos have probably all been uploaded to Facebook, so don’t think you’re getting away with anything!

[Top Image Credit: Shutterstock]