6 Super Smooth Job Hunting Tips – James Bond Style

When you’re still in a job, but plotting your exit, a level of discretion is required to ensure that your boss doesn’t twig that you’re looking to jump ship.

From applying for jobs on the sly, to sneaking out of the office to attend interviews, you could say that your job search is somewhat of a ‘secret mission.’

Now where could we possibly seek some inspiration from there? There’s a little known MI6 agent who goes by the name of Bond…James Bond in fact….so I guess we could start there.

Here are 6 super smooth job hunting tips – 007 style – that will ensure your job hunt remains top secret!

1. Stay below the radar

Ok, subtlety isn’t always Bond’s strong suit. Nor is taking other people’s advice for that matter. So for this point, I want you to get in the mindset of a special agent who goes a little more by the book! Maybe M?

If you are currently in employment, you’re most likely keeping your job search under wraps for the time being. You wouldn’t march into your boss’s office and start scattering around your recently updated resume and a selection of cover letters, would you? So why should posting them on a job board be any different? When you share your resume on a job board, you are essentially advertising the fact that you are looking for a new job and therefore you have just as much chance of your boss coming across it as another potential employer! A lot of employers will actually check job boards from time to time to suss out whether any of their staff appear in their searches; so be sensible!

2) Know your enemies

Be careful who you tell about your job search. Even if you think you can trust someone, it’s probably best to refrain from discussing it with colleagues, as you never know when they could let it slip! It’s a dog-eat-dog world after all and even somebody who you’ve struck up a friendship with could break their loyalty if it could benefit their career in some way.

If you want to contact people within your network to scope opportunities that’s fine, just make sure you tell them to keep mum about it, so they don’t blow your cover!

3) Don’t use your work email or computer

Need I say more? Lots of companies have access to their employees’ email accounts and computers.  Some may even actively monitor who their staff are in contact with and what they are doing whilst at work. So if you use your work email to apply for a new job, you may as well be sending it directly to your current employer. Instead, make sure that you have created a separate (professional) email address and use this for all communication to do with your job hunt.

4) Plan your escape

It’s common in your job search that you will be invited for an interview on short notice, so you’ve got to be able to come up with an excuse to escape from work for a bit without setting off alarm bells in your bosses mind. If you come out with one of the generic excuses like a “doctors appointment” or a “family emergency” it’s likely that your boss may become suspicious; however, the more creative you are the less likely it is that they will question it.

5) Use all the latest tools and gadgets available to you

No, I’m not talking exploding pens or facial recognition gadgets. Think more along the lines of mobile apps and social media.

Just because you’re wary of revealing your job hunt, doesn’t mean that you should avoid social media altogether. Though you should steer clear of posting your resume or being too obvious about connecting with recruiters, etc.; you can still use online networks to keep an eye open for current job vacancies, get involved in industry-related discussions and direct message people about opportunities.

6) Turn on the charm

There’s no doubt that Bond knows how to charm people and it is a powerful tool for persuasion. A large factor in your job search is coming across as likable in your interview, as people want to hire people that they feel they can get along with and will fit in with the team. Turn the charm on and I’m sure you’ll land a job in no time.

By Sophie Deering