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How Employee Engagement Jumpstarts Employee Advocacy

Employee engagement or employee advocacy? Why not both I say! It appears engaged employees are very happy to be social media advocates of your corporate and/or employer brand.

The challenge for marketers

Marketing and communications teams are pulling out all the stops to motivate employees to advocate for the brand on social media, but are still struggling to get them to read the content, let alone share it.

When’s the last time you read something interesting on your company’s intranet? And if you did find something worth sharing, how would you when it’s an internal page?

What’s keeping employees from advocating for their brand? To start, they don’t know what’s safe to share and what isn’t. An employee advocacy program could remedy this, by automating the process of discovering, consuming and distributing content.

Employee engagement and advocacy stats:

  • 93% of employees say they would be good advocates for the brand
  • 87% of employees see the career benefits from professional sharing
  • 94% of employees want to hear more about what is going on from leadership
  • 86% of employees would feel more engaged if they knew more about what was going on
  • 68% of executives say the do a “VERY GOOD” job at communicating but only 21% of employees agree
  • 82% of millennials want to receive company information via a mobile app.

In this graphic from our our friends at Social Chorus we learn how engaging employees with brand and industry content will strengthen their connection to the brand and motivate them to share.

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employee advocacy or engagement? why not both


By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.