Recruiting changes extremely fast, especially with new technology, techniques and problems. Each year, Jobvite release surveys exploring the recruiter side and the job seeker side.

This year’s survey shows that recruiters are downsizing on the quality of hires to scale up, and increasing their use of social media.


  • For 2015, the priorities of recruiters include:
    • improving time to hire – 15%
    • increasing focus on passive talent – 5%
    • growing the employer brand – 10%
    • improving quality of hire – 28%
    • increasing retention rate – 13%
  • When it comes to the length of job positions, the average employee tenure is:
    • 1-3 years – 30%
    • 4-6 years – 29%
    • 7-10 years – 15%
    • 10+ years – 14%
  • Recruiters are always examining the social profiles of candidates, and have found that:
    • 72% see spelling and grammar mistakes as negative.
    • 76% view charity and local organisation participation as a positive element.
    • no social presence doesn’t really bother the majority of them.
  • During an interview, the personality traits which leave the best impact are:
    • enthusiasm – 87%
    • industry knowledge – 85%
    • conversation skills – 79%

Read the full report here and let us know in the comments below if any of these comments relate to you.

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About Laurence Hebberd

Senior Account Manager at Link Humans, an employer branding agency.

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