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5 Ways to Inspire Your Employees

We’ve heard the usual tricks and tips for motivating staff – quarterly bonuses and flexible working hours. But what employers often forget, is that one of the key ways to motivate staff is to truly inspire them with what you do. If staff are feeling inspired, then not only are they more motivated in the workplace, but they also care more about the causes and values at the core of your brand. This naturally leads to a deeper understanding and trust to be felt between employee and employer – which is always a good thing! So what are the key ways you can inspire your staff? Here are my top 5 tips:

1) Don’t impose fear:

If you’re making your employees feel fearful and uncomfortable in the workplace, you’re obviously doing something wrong. Fear-mongering in the workplace is a way that bad bosses get the results they need. They use incentives, pit employees against each other and even use the threat of being fired to boost productivity. It may work in the short term, but your employees will feel no loyalty to your brand and employee retention rates will be low.

2) Encourage growth:

Giving your employees the opportunity for growth and training is a key way to inspire them. Learning should never stop, no matter what age or experience level you have. Bring in external trainers, hold internal academies run by the employees  themselves, or even take an afternoon off work and bring in a yoga teacher. A good worker should be well rounded!

3) Brainstorm like crazy:

Ask employees for their thoughts on a new project or idea. Something that I always think is that you can learn something from everyone – even if it’s the office intern or the receptionist. No matter what employees experience level is, they may have an idea or a few inspiring words which spark off a breakthrough in your work. So brainstorm with teams of mixed experience. It’s always worth it, and will leave employees feeling like they’re valued.

4) Instill optimism:

Nothings more contagious than a smile (and a positive attitude!). Spreading positivity in the workplace will inspire your colleagues and make the workplace a little lighter and happier. And what’s more inspiring than a group of happy people!

5) Show your gratitude:

Nothing leaves you feeling more inspired than being thanked for your hard work. Just a simple pat on the back for a project or a well done for a piece of work can make a whole lot of difference to employees outlook. Recognising the hard work that your employees do will inspire your team to continue working hard and creating brilliant work, as they know they’re appreciated.

Have any other inspiring tips? Let us know!

By Ruby Lowe

Account Executive at Link Humans, download our 12 Essentials of Employer Branding eBook now.