The 3 Basics of Building a Productive Workforce

What can you do to improve the motivation of your employees? It’s time to take it back to basics, as I list my top three fundamental factors affecting workplace employees. It can be as simple as giving your office a new lick of paint or increasing collaboration, but these things all increase productivity and boost motivation.

1) Environment:

The working environment can affect motivation in employees for a few reasons, all of which play a large part in the productivity and overall effectiveness of the workforce. It can be as simple as the color of the walls, so what three things can you change to increase motivation?

Lighting – Lighting is a very important aspect of a good working environment. Having low-quality lighting can cause issues, including eye strain and fatigue, and it’s even been proven that low lighting can add to the effects of depression. Keeping your employees’ eyes happy is essential, so invest in a sound lighting system, preferably with natural light bulbs. Put down the fluorescent tube lighting NOW!

Wall color – It’s been proven that color can profoundly influence behavior. So, what color is best for motivation? It depends! Go for blue if you’re looking for a relaxing and motivating boost. Opt for yellow if you’re looking to increase creativity and alertness. Red has been proven to increase the motivation of those doing physical work, and green is an excellent color to promote balance! Take your pick.

Furniture – Having a suitable desk and chair for your employees is an essential aspect of employee wellbeing, leading to improved productivity. Ensure you provide adjustable desk chairs; don’t forget pillows and cushions if necessary. Including risers to adjust the level of screens will work wonders in improving posture and comfort at work.

2) People:

Interaction with work colleagues is such an essential part of work life. The experience of working at your brand can be significantly affected by the employees you choose to employ. You can use this interaction to promote productivity in the workplace, and with the added boost in motivation, employees will also feel happier and enjoy work much more.

Collaboration – Collaboration in the workplace is vital for so many reasons. Firstly, it allows for added creativity and discussion – not only will this increase friendships in the workplace, but it will also improve motivation as they enjoy the experience of working in your company.

High performers – If you think an employee needs an extra push in the right direction, surround them with high performers. A study by Michigan State University revealed that those who were the “weakest link” on a running team improved the quickest when performing as part of a high-achieving team – which can work in the office, too.

3) Basic needs:

The old-fashioned method of tasks and rewards is SO nineties. Employees need more than a monetary bonus or a dinner from their boss. Instead, they need what they want – more annual leave, a flexible schedule, and the chance of promotion.

Annual leave – It’s important to remember that taking a break from work can increase productivity. So, letting employees have a good break now and then will work wonders for productivity. Richard Branson has even let Virgin Group employees have as many days leave as they want – and it’s working wonders for their productivity.

Flexibility – Employees will appreciate a more flexible schedule when it comes to work – why not offer the chance to work from home or a different location? Or change the official working hours of the company and see what happens to productivity and workplace motivation?

Growth – Nothing is more motivating than knowing you’re near a possible promotion. This is why it’s essential to provide the chance for growth and maneuverability within your company. Your employees will appreciate it.

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