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How Recruiters Find Top Talent in 2015 [STUDY]

In a competitive and complex job market, relationships reign supreme. This is shown, more than ever, in the new Recruiter Nation study released today by Jobvite. The study was carried out on over 1,000 recruiters from a wide range of industries and goes far beyond social recruiting, diving into the increasing complexity behind a recruiter’s job.

Recruitment is fundamental to the health and success of any businesses nowadays. Finding, nurturing, and hiring the right talent is now a dynamic, diversified process, requiring recruiters to tap into social networks, analytics, mobile, and beyond.

Talent market:

Recruiters are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive talent market – 95% of recruiters anticipate the job market to remain or get more competitive, with over a quarter of companies anticipating hiring 100 people or more in the next year. The fastest growing industries being telecommunications, hospitality and healthcare:

(Source: Jobvite)

The job market is set to get even more fierce, and that’s why recruiters must ensure they have the best tools and relationships available.


Today’s dynamic recruiter uses every tool available to connect with job seekers. 72% of recruiters say that data analytics is important in the hiring process, and 19% find the necessary hires through mobile career sites. 37% of companies are using mobile sites to spur their recruitment efforts, whereas 24% of recruiters expected to replace some jobs with technology in the next 2-3 years.


When it comes to social media, only 4% of recruiters are not using it in their recruiting efforts. 87% use LinkedIn, with 38% using Glassdoor and 3% using Snapchat to find the top candidates:

(Source: Jobvite)

Other networks used to evaluate and engage with talent include Tumblr, Vimeo, Pinterest and Periscope. For job seekers’ usage of social media, recruiters have the following advice:

  • Do: share details about volunteer, professional, or social engagement work – 76% of recruiters view this positively.
  • Don’t: share details of alcohol consumption or marijuana use – 75% of recruiters view this negatively.
  • Do: engage with current events, appropriately – 47% of recruiters view this positively.
  • Don’t: rush to post that selfie – 25% of recruiters view selfies negatively.
  • Do: double check your spelling and grammar – 72% of recruiters cite these mistakes as a negative.
(Source: Jobvite)


For finding the best candidates, almost all recruiters still count on face-to-face interviews, and 93% rely on resumes to get the whole pictures.

(Source: Jobvite)

Creative examples of finding out about candidates include personality tests, knock out questions and video interviews.

For recruiters, the interview doesn’t finish after you leave the office:

(Source: Jobvite)

87% say enthusiasm during leaving a lasting impression, whilst 79% said conversation skills were important.


To recruit and retain the perfect fit, recruiters must prioritise relationships – these include especially those closest to you. You never know where the perfect candidate may come, and 78% of recruiters find their best quality candidates through referrals, a percentage which is higher than social networks:

(Source: Jobvite)

This figure is up from 60% in 2014, and in the next 12 months, 41% of recruiters plan to invest more in referrals. Recruiters use employee incentives such as recognition and bonsues to help keep referrals coming in and the candidate pipeline full:

(Source: Jobvite)

Following from referrals, 56% of recruiters find their best hires through social and professional networks – using the tools outlined above.



Quality still comes first with recruiters – and 56% cite the lack of skilled or qualified talent as a key stumbling block:

(Source: Jobvite)

These are some of the main takeaways from this year’s report, and you can download the full document here.

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