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8 Ways to Increase Referrals When Hiring

Referrals are highly valuable when recruiting a new employee, as they not only save money and time sourcing candidates, but referred candidates have also been proven to be better quality hires who are more engaged at work.

So how can you get more referrals?

1) Ask for them

This may sound a bit  like I’m stating the obvious, but the simplest way to get referrals is to outright ask for them. Don’t be reluctant to ask your contacts if they know someone that may be suitable for your role and encourage your employees to make referrals

2) Reward employees for making a referral

Offering rewards to those who put forward successful referrals could work as a good incentive to get employees involved. The reward doesn’t need to be financial, as a lot of people respond better to things such as extra annual leave or a lunch out.

3) Make sure employees understand the benefit of referrals

Employees are much more likely to make referrals if they understand the benefits that they can have on the workplace. Everyone wants to work with people that they feel comfortable around, so by referring somebody that they get along with they gain a bit of control over the type of colleagues they have and boosts the chance of hiring someone who is a good cultural fit.

4) Show gratitude for referrals you receive

Make sure that you recognise each referral that is made and thank the referee, whether the candidate was hired or not, as they are more likely to feel encouraged to refer someone else in the future if they feel it is appreciated.

Always offer feedback on each referral. Tell the individual what worked and what didn’t, so that they have a better idea about who could be suitable in the future.

5) Network

By networking and making new business contacts, you are more likely to build relationships with people who are in the position to refer suitable candidates. Each contact that you make will have their own network of contacts, so chances are that somebody will be able to pinpoint an individual who fits the role.

6) Make it easy for employees and contacts to share your information

If you want existing employees and business contacts to come forward with referrals, it’s important that you make it easy for them to do so. By making information about current job opportunities openly available for current employees to find and share or by implementing a referral programme in the business it makes it quick and simple to make referrals.

If you are looking for your other business contacts to make a referral, provide them with a summary about the type of individual you are after.

7) Return the favour

Want someone to send you referrals? Return the favour in one way or another, whether it’s by providing them with referrals in the future or assisting them in another way that suits them. To provide people with a little bit extra encouragement, you could even pay them a favour in advance.

8) Give out more business cards

By handing out business cards you are building awareness of your service. If each time you hand someone your business card, give them a few extras and suggest they pass them on to anyone who may be interested in what you do or a role you are hiring for.


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By Sophie Deering