Employer Branding

How to Create an Engaged Workforce

An engaged workforce is essential for a business to run efficiently, as naturally the more interested an individual is in their work, the harder they are going to work to achieve their best.  However, many companies report to have problems with employee engagement within their organisations and it can have a detrimental effect, not only on the productivity of the employee, but also on the overall running of the business and revenue made.

So how can employers ensure that their staff remain engaged at work? HR Zone have shared some helpful tips and insights to improve employee engagement within a company.

Is employee engagement a problem?

  • 79% of employers feel that they have an employee engagement and retention problem.
  • 77% believe that they do not have the right HR skills to address this issue.
  • 75% find it difficult to find and hire the type of employees that they need in their organisation.
  • Only 17% of employers think that they have an attractive employer brand. 

What benefits can employee engagement bring?

  • A lower employee turnover rate – 72% of highly engaged employees say that they would stay in their current job, even if they were offered another opportunity elsewhere.
  • Better productivity – A company can see 53% less days of “lost productivity” when the workforce are engaged.
  • A 27% higher profit was found in global companies with good employee engagement.

What are the qualities of an employee-centric company?

  • They focus on developing, recognising and motivating employees.
  • They value the people doing the work, as much as the work being done.
  • They see their staff as an asset, rather than a cost.

How can you improve employee engagement?

  • Employees must feel they are treated well and fairly paid. Rewards can work as an incentive, but should not be used for everything.
  • Ensure that managers understand how to engage staff.
  • Focus on making employee engagement part of the company culture and adapt to what your employees want and need.
  • Employee wellbeing is essential – happy employees and engaged employees.

 Image: Shutterstock