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Top Twitter Tools to Tweet Talent Today

Do you want to manage your Twitter efficiently? Certainly, everyone wants to build a large audience on the social network. If there’s no-one listening to you moaning about the extortionate prices of Chicken McNuggets at 2 am, what is the purpose of Twitter?!

Thankfully, with the help of these three essential tools, managing and building an audience whilst operating Twitter is easier than ever. Behold:


TweetDeck is the most popular Twitter application, with a 23% market share. Tweetdeck can be used either within a browser, as a Google Chrome app, or a desktop app.

Tweetdeck allows you to track in real-time Twitter and filter updates using custom timelines. Displayed as columns, custom timelines allow you to cut irrelevant tweets, follow particular hashtags, trending topics, or even lists.

You can also track a single user’s received or sent tweets. Timelines can be filtered to just include images, or contain or exclude specific words and terms. You can track a URL being shared, then filter the results to the highest amount of retweets, or specifically which verified users promoted the tweet. The filtering options are endless.

The ability to manage multiple accounts from within Tweetdeck is extremely useful for engaging with various audiences quickly and efficiently. That’s personally my favorite feature of Tweetdeck.

Whilst I’d recommend Tweetdeck to users that want to take the social network seriously, the columned nature of the application is somewhat overwhelming with information. When actively using Tweetdeck, it’s hard not to feel like multiple active columns together create tweet chaos. The singular native Twitter feed is far less overwhelming, but Tweetdeck’s advantage it’s easier to track multiple feeds at once.


ManageFlitter is a great way of quickly gaining followers outside of your community. The tool allows you to curate and grow your Twitter account. ManageFlitter lets you even integrate your Google Plus account with your Twitter account. Over 2.5 million Twitter users have used ManageFlitter.

Using ManageFlitter, you can view a similar Twitter account followers and quickly follow their users to gain an audience with a similar interest. ManageFlitter search feature is the best part of the tool, as you can schedule tweets when most of your users are online!

ManageFlitter offers free and premium accounts, the premium being slightly expensive, the Business plan priced at $49 a month. The free account at least gives you some access to cleanup daily unfollowers and some ways of growing your account, but this is an application that is truly effective once a paid subscriber. Loading times are also longer for free accounts, which is a poor restriction put on users.


Tweepi is great at managing the users you follow, getting rid of dormant followers, or unappealing users fast. The application helps you analyze Twitter followers, which can help you to understand your audience. You can flush out users who you follow who don’t yet follow you. You can even force maddening users to unfollow (that means you, mum).

Tweepi has the ability to extract and analyze personal data from your Twitter account, and apply that information to gain followers of similar interest. Tweepi also allows you to analyze multiple Twitter accounts and to establish more valuable connections on Twitter.

Tweepi also offers two paid packages. The $14.99 platinum membership allows you to become more efficient at managing your account.

To further improve your Twitter presence, use these three apps to help raise your recruiter profile.