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3 Apps to Help You Raise Your Recruiter Profile

I’ve worked in recruitment for a lonnnnng time. One thing I bet you’ll agree on is that recruiting has never been a more disruptive / busy / dynamic / agile environment that it is right now!

You lovely recruiters have so much to do / say / listen to / persuade / influence – and so many bits of tech coming out of your ears / phones / computers, but the one thing you don’t have is more time…

I’ve been on the hunt recently for a time machine – I still haven’t found one (and if I do, you’re likely to see a much younger me blogging next month!).

I write regularly for the lovely Undercover Recruiter crew, and bless them, they always have to nag me for my monthly content (sorry guys)…

Why is this? Well, trust me, it’s not because Bradley Cooper turns up every now and again to “distract” me. It’s because I’m flooded with work / updates / emails / contact requests / running my own business / tech updates / clients.

OMG, stop the bus! Sound familiar?

So, I’ve just got my monthly reminder from the team at Undercover Recruiter and I am now penning a blog (on a train at 225mph whilst listening to a podcast and drinking a Diet Coke) on how to save time with some lovely apps I have been playing with…:

1. Too Long Didn’t Read:

I found TLDR (which funnily enough stands for “too long didn’t read”) last week and oh my – what a cutie!

This app could not only save you time, but massively raise your profile. Stop bleating on about having nothing to say and not enough time to say it and use this Chrome extension to create a précis of an online article and share away! If you’re clever you may even be reading a shortened version of this blog with it! (Dare  you!)

2. Buffer:

If you’ve not heard about Buffer, you need to get with the program – literally.

  • How about using this app to post / schedule / analyse the effectiveness of your posts?
  • How about updating your status (or scheduling your updates) for when the 84% of smart phone users are sat with their phones on their laps (whilst they are watching TV – they‘ll be surfing, so get in their line of sight!)?
  • If you’re clever you can even share this blog with it!

3. Feedly:

And let’s not forget Feedly – a virtual coffee table of content which you control and doesn’t add to the (apparently) 50 disruptions the average recruiters suffer every day!

Funnily enough, it integrates with Buffer and has an awesome smart phone app!

If you’re clever you may even be reading this blog through it!

Clever recruiters know that SPEED is what’s needed in 2014. The term “less haste more speed” has never been more relevant to the recruitment industry.

To get people to connect with you, believe in you, move jobs / towns / sectors for you, you need to raise your profile and demonstrate you know what you’re doing. Good luck and I hope next month that time machine has had a good seeing to!

By Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Director at Barclay Jones, a Consultancy working with recruiters advising them on the most effective use of technology, web and social media to improve their business processes, recruitment and bottom line. Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaMariJones.