Today, LinkedIn have released their third annual ranking of the Most InDemand employers.

Based on over 35 billion interactions between companies and members on the site, companies are ranked based on LinkedIn member awareness of a company (e.g. how many people have viewed your employees’ profiles within the past year) and engagement on LinkedIn (e.g. how many members have followed a company’s Company or Career Page within the past year). Higher talent brand awareness and engagement among members on LinkedIn equal a more effective talent brand and a higher InDemand ranking.

The rankings cover 17 countries, 59 cities and 33 different industries.

You can see the list of the top employers in the infographic below (source).


  • Salesforce.com is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) company to crack the top 20.
  • Yahoo! has made a debut at 27.
  • Netflix, Spotify and Uber have all moved up places this year.

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