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Who Are the UK’s Most In Demand Employers of 2015?

During LinkedIn’s much anticipated Talent Connect event in London this week, they revealed a list of the most in demand employers in the UK.

So who’s leading the way in talent attraction this year?

Unsurprisingly the Tech giants Google and Apple led the way, with Google holding onto the top spot for a fourth year in a row and Apple climbing up to second place.

The fashion industry have also been stealing a bit of the limelight, as a few of the UK’s most popular fashion retailers have also crept their way into the top end of the rankings, with John Lewis coming in third and ASOS in fourth. ASOS has been rapidly growing in popularity over the recent years, as online shopping has become more popular than ever and it would appear that their employer brand is as good as their consumer marketing, as they were one of the biggest risers in the employer rankings in 2015.

A few of the big names who have dropped out of the top 20 were Amazon, British Airways, Goldman Sachs and Rolls-Royce; who have made way for big names such as Selfridges, Facebook, The Walt Disney Company, Net-A-Porter and Topshop. You can find a full list of the most sought after UK employers below.

Commenting on the UK ranking, Chris Brown, Director LinkedIn Talent Solutions, said:

“This list represents the organisations that have most successfully built their employer brand and who use this to engage great potential candidates online. They have identified what makes them special, what they can offer their employees, and have taken full advantage of digital and social media to bring this to life.”

Earlier this year LinkedIn released the findings of research that found that UK companies who have poor reputations as employers, in turn will face higher wage bills and have a smaller candidate pool to hire from. This could potentially add up to an increased wage bill of more than £4m a year for a 10,000-strong company; so it is essential to invest in building a strong employer brand.

Top 20 most in-demand employers among the UK’s LinkedIn members:


1. Google (-)

2. Apple (+1)

3. John Lewis (-1)

4. (+8)

5. Shell (+1)

6. BBC (-1)

7. Selfridges (NE)

8. Facebook (NE)

9. Microsoft (-2)

10. BP (-6)

11. Unilever (-3)

12. Burberry (-2)

13. The Walt Disney Company (NE)

14. ITV (-3)

15. The Net-A-Porter Group (NE)

16. Harrods (-)


18. Diageo (NE)

19. Carillion (-2)

20. McKinsey & Company (NE)

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