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What Are the Top Workplace Time-Wasters?

Time flies when you’re wasting time!

And wasting time at work means the working day flies by too, leaving work unfinished or to a poor standard. A whopping 89% of workers have said they have wasted time at work in one way or another, either by surfing the net or simply socialising with their colleagues. But it’s not the standard time-wasters that are causing employees to lose time at work; some employees have even said how work-related activities waste more time than anything! 47% of workers said that their biggest time-waster was having to attend too many meetings.

So what are the biggest workplace time wasters? YAST have put together the handy infographic below to show us what workplace activities waste the most time. And it’s not what you’d think!


  • 23.4% of workers say that socialising with their colleagues is their number one distraction at work. Put down the coffee and get back to your desk!
  • A massive 69% or workers spend part of their work day actively seeking new roles and job hunting – sneaky!
  • 47% of employees think that having to attend too many meeting throughout the day is their biggest workplace time-waster.
  • Taking care of things in their personal life is a big distraction for many employees. Whether its planning your weekend with friends or running errands off-premises, dealing with personal issues at work wastes a lot of time.
  • Glitching computers is a top productivity killer for workers – it brings work to a halt and often takes time to solve.

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