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How to Improve Employee Engagement with Well-Being

In recent years, employee well-being has been at the forefront of employers minds. Organisations understand that improving your employees experiences means improving your brand. Not only will you have more productive workers, but your employees will it appreciate it too – meaning a new advocate army for your company.

Virgin Pulse have recently conducted a study on engagement and wellness in the industry, which has shed some light on the way employees and organisations are planning to take on 2015. Priorities include increasing engagement and improving employees health and fitness. But what are the top ways businesses are aiming to empower employees in 2015? Have a read below to find out!


  • 86% of organisations agree employee well-being influences engagement – healthy workers means happy and productive ones!
  • 31% of organisations are increasing their budget for employee well-being and engagement programs and 59% are maintaining their existing budget. It’s great to see that the majority of brands understand the importance of employee engagement.
  • 70% of executives agree that mental health is influenced by employee engagement programs.
  • Financial management, nutrition, sleep, stress management and weight management are all programs that organisations are planning to introduce within the next two years.
  • Overall, organisations seem to be swaying towards a more holistic approach to employee engagement for 2015. Lets see if it’s successful!

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