Tinder Tips: How to Get Employers to Swipe Right

First impressions are everything, and if you’ve ever been into online dating, you’ll understand why. Tinder (a very popular ‘swipe-to-like’ dating app used by millions) uses the concept of ‘first impressions’ as the overall concept the app. If you don’t like what you see in the first 3 seconds, you can swipe a potential lover away forever.

This same type of first impression happens when employers and recruiters check out your social channels. They will form an opinion on you straight away, probably in the initial 3 seconds of viewing your profile. If you’ve been tagged in a series of photos that begin with you necking tequila shots and ends with you hugging the toilet bowl, it’s safe to say their first impression of you may not have been the best. On Stride has created the infographic below on how to create the perfect first impression online.

How do you get recruiters and employers to swipe right?

1. Up your LinkedIn game:

In the same way that volunteering at a dogs’ home can attract people on Tinder, having a strong LinkedIn presence can impress potential employers in an instant. Create a strong headline and upload a professional photo to prove that you’re serious about your career. If you have a LinkedIn profile filled with colleagues recommendations too, woah, you’ve hit the trifecta!

2. Delete those drunk selfies:

Tinder’s main feature is the photo section. It’s what people see first and what their first judgement goes by. If you have photos of yourself downing beers and then passing out, it’s safe to say this isn’t the type of profile that employers will be keen to see. This isn’t to say you need to get rid of any evidence of you having fun though. They will want to know you’re human just like they are. Follow our number one top tip: if you wouldn’t show the photo to your gran, it probably shouldn’t be on social media.

3. Mix it up & find what works for you:

When it comes to your professional network online, some people find that mixing up personal connections and professional ones can be useful. Others find it detrimental to their professional careers, so make sure you find out what works best for you.

4. New-age interview:

Skype interviews are the new office interviews, so be prepared to use this to your benefit. First of all, make sure your username is a professional one. No one wants to hire someone who’s username resembles a 2003 MSN status. Secondly, make sure you’re dressed professionally. Employers don’t want to interview someone in their pyjamas. Now go get ’em, xCutieBabe2003x.

5. Video CVs are in:

Create a 7 second CV on Vine, or record a longer YouTube version which shows off your experience and skills. Not only will employers be impressed with your creativity, but it will actually show that you’re passionate about the role you’re applying for.

6. Search yourself:

In the same way that some people Google the person they’re about to go on a date with (bit weird if I’m honest, maybe don’t do that), employers will not hesitate to search for their candidates too. Keep yourself in the loop! Google Alerts is a great tool that alerts you by email every time your name is mentioned online.

7. Buy your domain name:

Buying a domain under your name is a great way to ensure that your website appears at the top of searches under your name. Display your portfolio of work, your blog and your CV or resume here. It’s the perfect way to showcase your professional achievements.

8. Be proud of who you are:

Tequila shots aside, it’s important to be aware that having personality is okay. Share photographs of your achievements, important moments and even that charity fun-run you did. Employers are not only looking for someone who ticks all the boxes skills-wise, but someone that will get on well with the team and has some personality.

Courtesy of: OnStride
Main image credit: Shutterstock