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How Tim’s Strategy Tool Can Help Your Job Search

I recently had a chat with our great buddy Tim Tyrell-Smith, something I like to do on a regular basis (see our previous chat here). Tim is an author, blogger, speaker, coach and consultant in the job search, career and marketing space. He is one of the most genuine and credible guys out there and I always look forward to reading/hearing what he has to say.

This time around, Tim had some exciting news for anyone looking to have a clear job search or career strategy – he and his team have developed a piece of software aptly named Tim’s Strategy:

So, what does the software do?

Tim’s Strategy offers a structured, step-by-step process to establish a job search strategy. As Tim said, “It’s like tax software for your job search”. A complex and often misunderstood process is broken down into smaller, “easier to chew” pieces. And there is significant help (including video) at every step.  Specifically, the software delivers the following:

  • Identification of clear and specific job search objectives (plus help with target companies)
  • A personal branding strategy and profile
  • A complete set of personal marketing materials (resume, cover letter, bio, business card, elevator pitch, references)
  • A customized networking strategy including targeted introductions
  • A purposeful strategy for interview preparation

OK, what doesn’t it do?

  • It’s not a job board. It doesn’t let you search for job leads and it won’t send you any. It doesn’t compete with Monster or Indeed.
  • It’s not a social network for job seekers or career professionals. So it doesn’t compete with LinkedIn or BranchOut.
  • It’s not a CRM system to track leads and manage your ongoing job search. It doesn’t compete with JibberJobber.
  • Some of the features (like targeting employers) are limited to the US. Tim will add international functionalities over time but it’s currently most useful for Americans.

To sum up, Tim’s Strategy helps you build a smart, personalized job search strategy. I think the tool looks great and having known Tim for a number of years now, I know how passionate he is about helping people to succeed in their careers.

Special reader offer!

Tim recently completed a third round of beta testing and is now ready to offer early and discounted access to you (or a friend), to take advantage of this offer, go to the site and use this promo code just for readers of The Undercover Recruiter: TIMS4TUR

When you do, you’ll save 67% off the sign up price and pay less than $49.99 upfront. What’s the catch? Well none really. But there is a chance that you’ll find an issue Tim hasn’t seen yet. If you do, please let him know and they’ll get it fixed ASAP.

Get yourself signed up to Tim’s Strategy today! (And please report back how you find it).

By Jörgen Sundberg

Founder of Undercover Recruiter & CEO of Link Humans, home of The Employer Brand Index.