Are Interviewers Invading Your Privacy?

When you think of an invasion, space aliens and zombies are often the first thing that spring to mind. However in today’s turbulent economic climate, ‘invasion’ now denotes something more sinister for job seekers worldwide.

This infographic from FindEmployment shows how some interviews may be invading your privacy – and the parts of the interview etiquette that both interviewer and interviewee should really take a look at.


  • 9 out of 10 people feel some questions at interviews are too personal – with 47% saying that they are inappropriate.
  • 16% of people said they did not mind revealing private information in interviews, whereas 18% refused to answer questions – all due to a saturated job market.
  • 3% of job seekers questioned were asked to discuss sexual preferences, whereas 4% were asked for social media passwords.
  • 42% of job seekers have had to do something they regretted to get a job.
  • 1 out of 100 candidates admitted to blackmailing their interviewer, whereas 1 in 10 were asked to give up their employment rights for a job.
  • 5% of people confessed to have broken the law to get a job.

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Interviewers Invading Their Privacy

Image: Pablo

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