We recently had a chat with the great blogger, author and speaker Tim Tyrell-Smith. In this interview, Tim and I discuss the importance of personal branding and blogging, go through the main pitfalls to avoid in looking for jobs, and give top strategy tips for anyone’s career.

Tim’s top three tips to job seekers are:

  1. Get out of the house! As tempting as it sounds, don’t spend all day long on your computer: get out there!
  2. Knowing who you are. Have a strong personal brand and find ways to be memorable!
  3. Be strategic. Don’t be impulsive, figure out what you are going to do and put together a plan.

You can connect with Tim on twitter at Tim’s Strategy. Feel free to share your thoughts on the interview below.

And don’t miss the interview we did Tim some time ago (yes same picture but some other ideas in there) at How To Network Like Crazy! Interview with Tim Tyrell-Smith.

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