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10 Tips to Use Google+ for Your Job Search

The social web is evolving with each passing day. Right from the day Google+ (a social network introduced by Google) was announced, people have been flocking to join in. Google Plus social network offers some really cool features, apart from bolstering user security. Not only businesses, even jobseekers can use this social network for job search.

If you are ready to use Google Plus for job searching, given below are some of the most real tips you can use.

#1. If you don’t have a profile on Google Plus, go create one.

If you are there already, you need to optimize your profile. Optimizing your profile means filling out the details in a way that increases your visibility to employers. Include industry related keyword so you appear in relevant searches.

#2. Use the Circles feature to connect with influential people.

More importantly, add those people who are already employed in your target companies. Participate in their conversations to attract attention.

#3. Use the Hangouts feature to take your efforts to the next level.

You can use this feature to create job search clubs. Learn the basic rules and regulations of participating in hangouts.

#4. Find opportunities to highlight your talents and skills.

If you are really smart, you can easily grab the attention of companies or employers. It is also a good idea to ask questions related to the kind of job you are looking for.

#5. Engage.

When you genuinely engage on the Google Plus network, you will come across with many people regarding the hiring process. Companies might also want to interview you online. Therefore, it’s important that you know how to make the most of online interviewing.

#6. Use Google Plus as your online portal.

Google Plus also offers you the facility of linking to your profiles that you may have on other social platforms. Whether it’s a blog or your profile details, you can put the links in your Google Plus profile.

#7. Build quality relationships.

While you interact with people on this social network, focus on building relationships with professionals. By connecting with employers, recruiting companies and hiring managers, you will bring yourself multiple career benefits.

#8. Build your professional brand.

Like other social networking platforms, Google Plus also provides you an opportunity to build your personal brand. Whatever you do on this social network, enhance your professional image.

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#9. Share your best content.

Share interesting content with the people in your Circles. Whether you want to increase your knowledge on a certain topic or you are interested in a particular subject, you can use the Sparks (the content recommendation engine) feature for searching relevant content.

#10. Keep it going.

Sounds simple perhaps but to get real success, you have to follow all the above mentioned tips on a regular basis.

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