The Habits of Healthy, Happy and Productive People

Everyone here wants to be healthier, happier, and more productive. But how do you do that?

All three traits are connected. A healthy employee will tend to be happier and more productive, making him or her a better addition to the company. If you need a good round-up of how you can bring yourself to the next level, this marvelous infographic from will help you to do just that!


  • 40% of our happiness is up to us!
  • Exercising outdoors can improve feelings of revitalization, and increase energy, and enjoyment while decreasing anger and tension.
  • 15% of people are more likely to be happy if a close friend is happy as well.
  • According to the American Happiness Association, our happiness is 50% genetically predetermined, 40% is up to us!
  • Studies have also shown that active people possess high self-esteem and greater long-term happiness.


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By Alex Bourgeois

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