A Fail-Safe Guide to Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation can be a sensitive topic to approach with a future employer, as it is important that they are aware of what your salary expectations are for your best chance of being offered it, however, jumping in too soon and asking for more than they are willing or able to pay can lead to disappointment.

Nonetheless, with the right guidance, this needn’t be such a difficult matter to address and this slideshow from SThree offers 7 helpful tips on how to successfully negotiate your salary.


  • Come prepared with a realistic salary expectation in mind, based on what you are currently earning and research of the market salary level for similar roles to the one you are going for.
  • Emphasize why you are worth them paying you your desired salary, by reinforcing what skills and experience you can bring to the company.
  • Allow your future employer to make a salary suggestion first, however, don’t be afraid to make your expectations clear. Express what you need and why, but make it clear that you are prepared to be flexible.
  • Remain positive throughout the discussion, by showing your keen interest in the job and without becoming disgruntled if you are presented with a low offer. Aim to find a positive outcome and closure to the discussion.

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