How to Negotiate Your Salary in 10 Simple Steps [VIDEO]

Many factors influence your job satisfaction but it’s safe to say that salary is one of the key components. Your salary level has deep ramifications on your everyday life, and surely, most of you wouldn’t refuse a little raise.

We all know that asking for a higher salary is something delicate to ask but you shouldn’t be shy. If you deserve a raise, why not ask for it?

Once it’s time to actually negotiate your salary raise, there is a number of crucial mistakes you don’t wan’t to make.

Salary benchmarking website has listed 10 blunders to avoid – have a look!


  • Be open and prepared to talk about your salary realistically!
  • When speaking about your current salary, include the whole package: salary, bonuses, perks etc.
  • Remember that an agreement acceptable to all parties is key!

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