Talent Acquisition

How to Use Buffer for Recruiting

The recruitment industry is heavily reliant on communication for its success and with so many competing agencies out there, it is increasingly important for recruiters to raise their profile and build a name for themselves. Therefore, the rise of social media has understandably revolutionized the way that recruiters function, allowing them to connect with the public and post industry updates and job ads quickly and efficiently.

This is where Buffer comes in, making it even quicker and easier to share content than ever before, with a mere click of a button.


If you haven’t heard of Buffer before, allow me to introduce you.  This handy addition to the social media world is an automated social posting application that allows you to schedule your social media updates and manage multiple network accounts in one place, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. To top this off, it’s free and can be downloaded directly to your browser, including an easy access icon at the top right-hand side of the screen, however, an upgrade is available to buy which allows you to sync additional accounts and schedule more posts in advance.

Using the app is pretty easy; basically, once you’ve opened an article that you would like to share, all you need to do is click the Buffer icon and the relevant information is entered into a composer, which you are then free to edit and select which networks you would like to share it with.

Another one of Buffer’s key features is post scheduling, which allows you to predetermine when posts will be published throughout the day, based on an analysis of what time your previous posts have been the most successful. This enables you to line up content to be automatically posted on one or more selected social media networks, without being required to sign in again. Handy, right?

How can this help recruitment?

Posting relevant articles about the industry and company updates is really important for a recruitment agency for creating and maintaining a positive representation for the public and Buffer can help to speed up and simplify this. By syncing all of your social media accounts with Buffer, you no longer need to worry about signing in to each account individually, as by simply clicking on the Buffer icon at the top of the page, you can select one or multiple social media networks you would like to share the content with simultaneously, saving time and effort. Perfect for that occasion you stumble across an absolute gem of an article you would like to share or desperately need to find candidates for a job you are working on but have 101 other things on your ‘to do’ list. After all, if you’ve had the experience of working in recruitment, you will know well that time is of the essence and as important as connecting with your target market is there isn’t always the time to do so.

This is where Buffer’s scheduling feature can save the day, enabling you to set up content to be posted on each of your accounts at predetermined times, without being required to sign in repeatedly throughout the day, meaning your account remains updated and fluid.  Social media is an incredibly useful tool for sourcing candidates, with it playing a large role in daily life for so many and so by scheduling staggered job adverts at different times, you can reach the maximum number of potential candidates logging in throughout the day.


To round up, Buffer is definitely an application that I would recommend, as it can provide huge benefits in terms of time efficiency and maintaining your social media presence. Scheduling tweets can ensure that your desired content is circulated and you needn’t worry about taking time out from other tasks or having to remember to update your accounts throughout the day. The shortcut icon couldn’t make it easier to share articles as you go, meaning your social media management couldn’t be simpler, so why not give it a go yourself?