Is it Ever Too Late to Achieve Career Success?

Ever heard of a quarter-life crisis? This might be a newer term compared to the notorious mid-life crisis, but for many people, questioning their career path is a continual, internal dispute throughout adult life.

Fear not, my indecisive friends! Thanks to our friends at Funders and Founders, this reassuring infographic displays that however late you start, it’s never too late to bring home success. Below are various examples of highly influential figures and the ages they triumphed:


  • Gordon Bowker, one of the founders of Starbucks, helped open their first shop in Seattle aged 51.
  • Ferdinand Porsche began his success with cars at 56.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is somewhat of an anomaly, launching Facebook in his college dorm room aged just 19.
  • Steve Job started Apple age 21, making computers in his garage.
  • Age 35 is the most common age to start one of the top companies in the world.
  • Hugo Boss started his Hugo Boss fashion brand age 38, using six sewing machines left after he went bankrupt!

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